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BSD Specialist

Our BSD Specialist training is for those looking to certify their BSD skills. With a reputation as a secure, reliable and rock-solid operating system the BSDs play a crucial role in any organisation's infrastructure. Learn how to set up and configure BSD with networking, storage and how to install packages, apply updates and maintain a secure operating system.

BSD System Administration

Learn how to administrate user accounts, install and update software, patch and upgrade the base operating system and configure networking.

BSD Specialist Course Outline

  • BSD Installation and Software Management
    • BSD Operating System Installation
    • BSD Software and Package Management
    • BSD System Startup Configuration
    • Hardware Configuration
    • BSD Kernel Parameters and System Security Level
  • Storage Devices and BSD Filesystems
    • BSD Partitioning and Disk Labels
    • Create File Systems and Maintain their Integrity
    • Control Mounting and Unmounting of File Systems
    • Manage File Permissions and Ownership
    • Create and Change Hard and Symbolic Links
    • Find Files and BSD Directory Layout
  • Basic BSD System Administration
    • Manage User Accounts and Groups
    • Automate System Administration Tasks by Scheduling Jobs
    • Maintain System Time
    • System Logging
    • Mail Transfer Agents (MTA) Basics
    • Manage Printing and Print Jobs
    • Manage User Sessions
  • Basic BSD Network Administration
    • Fundamentals of Internet Protocols
    • Basic network configuration
    • Basic network troubleshooting
    • Configure Client Side DNS
  • Basic Unix Skills
    • Use the Shell and Work on the Command Line
    • Perform basic file management
    • Create, Monitor and Kill Processes
    • Use Simple Regular Expressions
    • Perform basic file editing operations
    • Customize or write simple scripts

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