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Linux Essentials

The LPI Linux Essentials certification is for those not that familiar with Linux. It lays the foundation knowledge necessary for the LPIC suite of certifications.

Learn How Linux Implements the Unix Design Philosophy

The course teaches students the concepts of  Linux based operating systems from architecture and design through to basic Linux skill.  It also provide an overview of how  open source and the Linux Eco-system works.

Ideal for High School Students & Above

Linux Essentials bridges the gap for users who were coming from a background without adequate knowledge for the LPIC-1 certification. This exam is not a per-requisite for LPI C-1 but assist students to prepare for those exams. The Linux Essentials course is suitable for high school students and above.

Linux Essentials Course Outline
  • The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source
    • Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems
    • Major Open Source Applications
    • Open Source Software and Licensing
    • ICT Skills and Working in Linux
  • Finding Your Way on a Linux System
    • Command Line Basics
    • Using the Command Line to Get Help
    • Using Directories and Listing Files
    • Creating, Moving and Deleting Files
  • The Power of the Command Line
    • Archiving Files on the Command Line
    • Searching and Extracting Data from Files
    • Turning Commands into a Script
  • The Linux Operating System
    • Choosing an Operating System
    • Understanding Computer Hardware
    • Where Data is Stored
    • Your Computer on the Network
  • Security and File Permissions
    • Basic Security and Identifying User Types
    • Creating Users and Groups
    • Managing File Permissions and Ownership
    • Special Directories and Files

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