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Web Development Essentials

The LPI Web Development Essentials certification and training course is an introductory course designed to teach the fundamentals of full-stack web development, with a particular emphasis on JavaScript. This comprehensive course covers both front-end and back-end web development using browser web APIs and nodeJS, enabling students to build complete web applications from start to finish. Students will learn how to use JavaScript to create dynamic user interfaces, as well as how to work with databases and server-side programming using nodeJS. The course also covers important topics such as responsive design, web security, and web accessibility. By the end of the course, students will have a strong understanding of full-stack web development and will be well-equipped to build complex web applications using JavaScript. With the LPI Web Development Essentials certification, students will have a valuable credential that demonstrates their knowledge and skills in this important area of web development.

Web Dev Essentials Course Outline

  • Software Development Basics
    • Software Development Basics
    • Web Application Architecture
    • HTTP Basics
  • HTML Document Markup
    • HTML Document Anatomy
    • HTML Semantics and Document Hierarchy
    • HTML References and Embedded Resources
    • HTML Forms 
  • CSS Content Styling
    • CSS Basics
    • CSS Selectors and Style Application
    • CSS Styling
    • CSS Box Model and Layout ​​​​​
  • JavaScript Programming
    • JavaScript Execution and Syntax
    • JavaScript Data Structures
    • JavaScript Control Structures and Functions
    • JavaScript Manipulation of Website Content and Styling
  • NodeJS Server Programming
    • NodeJS Basics
    • NodeJS Express Basics
    • SQL Basics

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