Linux Training in all Major Linux Certifications

Linux Certification TrainingGet training from top professionals in all the major Linux Certifications. We offer Linux training for the following certifications:

Our instructor lead training is offered:

  • across the globe,
  • on site,
  • online or
  • at our training venues.

Our training is either full-time or  online part time classes running from 18:00 to 20:00 based on demand. Part time training is ideal for corporates and students who cannot afford the time off work during office hours.

If you wish to book you seat for training course please contact us on 011-781 8014 or use our contact form.


Linux Professional Institute Training Courses

  Course Name Days Price
  Linux Fundamentals    
  LPIC-1  Bootcamp (LPI-101 & LPI 102) 5       R10,000 $1,000
  LPI-101 4   R8,000 $800
  LPI 102 4 R8,000 $800
  Intermediate Linux  Days Price
  LPIC -2 Bootcamp (LP 201 & LPI 202) 5 R13,000 $1,300
  LPI -201 4 R9,500 $950
  LPI -202 4 R9,500 $950
  Advanced Linux  Days Price
  LPIC -303 Security 5 R 16,000 $1,600
  LPIC - 304 Virtualisation & High Availability 5

R 16,000



Linux Professional Institute Training Part-time online Courses

  Course Name Days Price
  Linux Fundamentals    
  LPI-101 8 R7,500 $750
  LPI 102 8 R7,500 $750
  Intermediate Linux  Days Price
  LPI -201 8 R7,500 $750
  LPI -202 8 R7,500 $750

Oracle Linux Training Courses

  Course Name Days Price
  Oracle Linux    
  Oracle Linux System Administrator 5              R17,000 $1,700
  Oracle Linux Advanced System Administrator 5 R17,000 $1,700



Linux Foundation Training Courses

  Course Name Days Price
  Certified System Administrator (LFCSA) 4              R18,000 $1,800
  Engineer  Days Price
  Certified Engineer (LFCE) 4 R19,800 $1,980


Comptia Linux+ Training Courses


  Course Name Days Price
  Comptia Linux Fundamentals    
  Comptia Linux+ LXO 103 4              R8,000 $800
  Comptia Linux + LXO 104 R,8000 $800

* Training fees Includes text book, lunch and tea. All Classes start at 09H00-09H30 unless pre-arranged.

 LPI Certification Benefits - Why get Certified?

What are the benefits of Linux certification?

  • Establishes your competence for well-defined Linux-related functions
  • Easily demonstrates your competence to a potential contractor or employer
  • Certification helps you set out and follow a career path