Linux Professional Institute - Essentials & Open Technology Overview

LPI Essentials & Open Technologies Certification

The Linux Professional Institue (LPI) is now a bit of a legacy name as LPI has begun to focus on open source technologies in general and not just on Linux. As part of this expanded focuses LPI has introduced a Essentials suite of certifications and an Open Technology suite of certifications for non Linux, but widely used, open source technologies.

With the backing of a highly regarded certification body such as LPI these certifications are guaranteed to kick-start your career or enable to advanced your career in your chosen open source technology.

Training & Certification from Essentials to Professional

Jumping Bean provides training for the following LPI certifications:

LPI DevOps Engineer & Class Formats

DevOps Engineer

The LPI DevOps Engineer certification covers the concepts, skills and tools that one requires to become a DevOps engineer.

The course uses the most commonly used tools to develop an understanding of the DevOps engineering methodology and approach.

High Demand For DevOps Engineers

DevOps is the new approach and methodology that has evolved to meet the requirements for greater flexibility and shorter time-to-market for IT solutions.

Tradition system operations skills are no longer sufficient and companies are scrambling to find people with the requisite skills.

Looking to level up your career or change careers? LPI DevOps engineer certification may be you answer.

DevOps Engineer Course Outline

  • Software Engineering
    • Modern Software Development
    • Standard Components and Platforms for Software
    • Source Code Management
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Container Management
    • Container Usage
    • Container Deployment and Orchestration
    • Container Infrastructure
  • Machine Deployment
    • Virtual Machine Deployment
    • Cloud Deployment
    • System Image Creation
  • Configuration Management
    • Ansible
    • Other Configuration Management Tools
  • Service Operations
    • IT Operations and Monitoring
    • Log Management and Analysis
Course Course Price + Exam (ex vat) Exam Price (ex vat)
DevOps Engineer R25,000 R1,1723
DevOps 101 R16,000 Course split over two tainings
DevOps 102 R16,000 R1,173


Linux Essentials & FreeBSD

Linux Essentials

The LPI Linux Essentials certification is for those not that familiar with Linux. It lays the foundation knowledge necessary for the LPIC suite of certifications.

Learn How Linux Implements the Unix Design Philosophy

The course teaches students the concepts of  Linux based operating systems from architecture and design through to basic Linux skill.  It also provide an overview of how  open source and the Linux Eco-system works.

Ideal for High School Students & Above

Linux Essentials bridges the gap for users who were coming from a background without adequate knowledge for the LPIC-1 certification. This exam is not a per-requisite for LPI C-1 but assist students to prepare for those exams. The Linux Essentials course is suitable for high school students and above.

Linux Essentials Course Outline
  • The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source
    • Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems
    • Major Open Source Applications
    • Open Source Software and Licensing
    • ICT Skills and Working in Linux
  • Finding Your Way on a Linux System
    • Command Line Basics
    • Using the Command Line to Get Help
    • Using Directories and Listing Files
    • Creating, Moving and Deleting Files
  • The Power of the Command Line
    • Archiving Files on the Command Line
    • Searching and Extracting Data from Files
    • Turning Commands into a Script
  • The Linux Operating System
    • Choosing an Operating System
    • Understanding Computer Hardware
    • Where Data is Stored
    • Your Computer on the Network
  • Security and File Permissions
    • Basic Security and Identifying User Types
    • Creating Users and Groups
    • Managing File Permissions and Ownership
    • Special Directories and Files

BSD Specialist

The BSD certification is for those looking to certify their BSD skills. The certification covers working in a FreeBSD, NetBSD or OpenBSD environment. If you wish to learn how to manage and maintain BSD systems this course is for you.

BSD System Administration

Learn how to administrate user accounts, install and update software, patch and upgrade the base operating system and configure networking.

BSD Specialist Course Outline

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​BSD Installation and Software Management
    • BSD Operating System Installation
    • BSD Software and Package Management
    • BSD System Startup Configuration
    • Hardware Configuration
    • BSD Kernel Parameters and System Security Level
  • Storage Devices and BSD Filesystems
    • BSD Partitioning and Disk Labels
    • Create File Systems and Maintain their Integrity
    • Control Mounting and Unmounting of File Systems
    • Manage File Permissions and Ownership
    • Create and Change Hard and Symbolic Links
    • Find Files and BSD Directory Layout
  • Basic BSD System Administration
    • Manage User Accounts and Groups
    • Automate System Administration Tasks by Scheduling Jobs
    • Maintain System Time
    • System Logging
    • Mail Transfer Agents (MTA) Basics
    • Manage Printing and Print Jobs
    • Manage User Sessions
  • Basic BSD Network Administration
    • Fundamentals of Internet Protocols
    • Basic network configuration
    • Basic network troubleshooting
    • Configure Client Side DNS
  • Basic Unix Skills
    • Use the Shell and Work on the Command Line
    • Perform basic file management
    • Create, Monitor and Kill Processes
    • Use Simple Regular Expressions
    • Perform basic file editing operations
    • Customize or write simple scripts
Course Course Price + Exam (ex vat) Exam Price (ex vat)
Linux Essentials R11,000 R2,500
BSD Specialist R16,000 R2,500


Web Development Essentials

Web Development Essentials

Modern software applications are commonly developed for the Web. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Web Development Essentials program supports your first steps in software development. It includes Learning Materials suitable for both training and self-study. Upon passing the Web Development Essentials exam, you receive a certificate to prove your skills.

Web Dev Essentials Course Outline

  • Software Development Basics
    • Software Development Basics
    • Web Application Architecture
    • HTTP Basics
  • HTML Document Markup
    • HTML Document Anatomy
    • HTML Semantics and Document Hierarchy
    • HTML References and Embedded Resources
    • HTML Forms 
  • CSS Content Styling
    • CSS Basics
    • CSS Selectors and Style Application
    • CSS Styling
    • CSS Box Model and Layout ​​​​​
  • JavaScript Programming
    • JavaScript Execution and Syntax
    • JavaScript Data Structures
    • JavaScript Control Structures and Functions
    • JavaScript Manipulation of Website Content and Styling
  • NodeJS Server Programming
    • NodeJS Basics
    • NodeJS Express Basics
    • SQL Basics
Course Course Price + Exam (ex vat) Exam Price (ex vat)
Web Development Essentials R10,000 R720


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