Advanced Linux Security and Virtualisation/Cloud Training

We are pleased to announed the introduction of Linux Professional Intitute (LPI) level 3 training at Jumping Bean. The LPI Level 3 certification consists of a core exam, 301 which covers LDAP (light weight directory access protocol) and then an elective. The possible electives are:

  • Linux Security - LPI 303,
  • Linux Virtualisation - LPI 304,
  • Mixed Environment - LPI 302

LPIC-3 Linux Security and Virtualisation Training.

We are offeringLPIC-3 training in the security and virtualisation specialisation. Although our trainings, including ourLPIC-2 or intermediate level Linux training, are aimed at prepareing students for the LPI exams it is not necessary for students to have Level 1 or Level 2 to attend the course if they have sufficient backgroun knowledge and just wish to be trained in the topics covered by the LPI cirriculum.

The topics for our Linux security training includes:


  • Cryptography,
  • Access Control,
  • Application Security,
  • Operations Security,
  • Network Security


Our Linux Cloud/Virtualisation training includes:


  • Virtualization,
  • Load Balancing,
  • Cluster Management,
  • Cluster Storage